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Summer Travel 2017: Amritsar – A Divine Experience

19th May 2017: It was a Friday the start of a really long yet life changing journey for me. Started off from home at around 10:30 am. Had booked an Uber for the airport. Well, it was like 20 mins away from my home. But the excitement of starting the journey just made the wait easier.

The first stop of your going-to-be-long trip was Amritsar. Amritsar, a historically rich city in the northwest of India founded by the fourth Sikh Guru, Guru Ram Das. Amritsar is since ages been a house to India’s holiest shrine and some really serene sights.

So we boarded the flight from the Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport at 1:10 PM. You may ask why I left at 10:30. Hey, I live in Mumbai the traffic can just make me miss my flight. It was a Vistara flight (UK-735). I’d really like to appreciate the service and food provided on the flight. You Go Vistara!

Reaching Amritsar at around 3:40. As soon as I got down from my flight my first reaction was “Damn, It is HOT!”. It was like about 40°C and m…
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Seven Essential Stuff For Travelling

Traveling is a really necessary event in every man’s life, and you need to prepare for it properly. We asked the top specialists to make a list of the most important things which you need to take with you for 100%. Check them out!

#1 More socks!
Dude, if you want to feel confident, you should totally care for clean socks. Take a pair for every day of your trip if you want to stay clean and don’t stink in a bus/train/plane.

#2 Bumbag
You need to keep all your documents, money and cell phone in a safe place and make sure that nobody will steal it. The perfect decision will be to buy a really cool bumbag, which you can wear on your back and sleep calmly while you know that all of your stuff is with you.

#3 Glasses
Make you look like a ‘damn ass’ and save your eyes from the bright sun at the same moment, just wear sunglasses and stay cool, bro.

#4 Power Bank
Nowadays, a cell phone is like our right hand. We really can’t live without it, and when the battery is low, it seems that we can h…

Top 5 Football Stadiums in UK

Football is one of the most popular sports in the United Kingdom. So by default large number of the masses travel to the UK to check out a football match. According to facts around 750,000 people visit the UK every year to watch a football match! So the Kingdom of Great Britain does have some of the most iconic football stadiums. Here are the Top 5 Football Stadiums I'd love visiting. Wembley Stadium
Located in London, Wembley Stadium is the world’s most celebrated sports stadium and is a place to visit if you want to relive the ascendancy and subordination of English international soccer. The home of English national team Wembley boasts a capacity of over 82,000 football lovers and is famously known across the world as the “home of football”. Old Trafford Stadium
Who hasn’t heard of the “Theatre of Dreams” as Sir Bobby Charlton famously dubbed it? Old Trafford the home of Manchester United since 1910 has a capacity of over 76,000. An amazing blend of historic yet modern architec…

How to look beautiful during the travelling

Everyone wants to look beautiful on his trip or voyage. We know how to do it! #1. Bring your own products Of course, hotels offer free soaps, shampoos, and conditioners; however, it’s essential to bring your own stuff. Only the right products can make you look your best when travelling, so pack your essentials. Barbers recommend bringing shampoo, conditioner, and yourshaving kit.
#2. Keep your breath fresh What can be more important than a fresh breath during travelling? You’d better take care of your teeth well because people around you shouldn’t suffer from a horrible smell coming from your mouth. Toothbrush and travel-size toothpaste should become your constant companions. Don’t forget to use dental floss and mouthwash to ensure better results!
#3. Provide enough moisture Proper hydration is of great importance regardless of where you are and what you’re doing. For this reason, you should remember to drink enough water and keep your body hydrated. Hydrating crème is essential for provid…

Traveling within a budget

Traveling is not necessarily a luxury experience and can be done on a budget. Thinking that you can’t afford traveling at all is the wrong approach. You won’t visit the best barbers in New York, but it doesn’t mean you will travel without comfort and restrict yourself from most of the actions to stay within the budget. Some reasonable thinking and creativity are what comes in handy.
1. Look for good deals You can take advantage of budget airlines and bus companies which offer discounts on a regular basis. These companies have the same destinations as the commercial lines, and they also have a more stable and predictable schedule. Search for ones like Greyhound and Eurolines (for the US and Europe respectively). Flights are more expensive; however, you can consider companies like Travelocity or Opodo. Most of the hostels also offer great accommodation deals.
2. Eat out less Avoid eating out each time you have a meal. Bring noodles and canned products to your accommodation, or cook yours…

Top 6 Most Recommended Travel Apps

Just like every year, the New Year celebration came and went quicker than we thought. And while some people are still resting from their last holiday, others are already making new plans.

If you fall into this category, and if you’re anything like the large majority of travelers around the world, you are probably tired of same old holiday destinations.

While it may come as a surprise to some travel agents, who are used to booking the same tours over and over again, most people have a desire to visit new and exciting destinations.

As a matter of fact, according to recent TripBarometer research, almost 70% of travelers worldwide (of all age groups) are making plans to visit a new place and try something new in the next twelve months.

Best Travel Apps
Today, no one goes anywhere without a phone in their pocket.

This is quite understandable, because that little device you have in your pocket will enable you to book a flight, move around an unknown country without any problems and of cour…

Decreasing the age factor when traveling

Traveling is obviously harder for older people, although they have way more time to enjoy the tremendous sights all over the globe. The biggest complications occur when it comes to reaching the destination which includes numerous means of transport. Nevertheless, a bit of planning, positive mindset and proper packing will decrease any possible complications to the minimum.

1. Plan ahead Perform the reservations of your flight or ride in advance to get the best aisle seats. Consider the time zone you are arriving at. In case you are going to arrive late, you should prepare the address for the taxi driver if you are going to use a cab. Call your hotel beforehand and ask the concierge to call the taxi for you. It is great to ask for some room service. When choosing a room, try to avoid the upper levels if there is no elevator. Make sure you will get some help to carry your luggage when you arrive at the hotel. Always check the room before unpacking.  2. Avoid the rush A particular case …